CER at a glance

Center for Economic Research (CER) was established in 1999 as a joint initiative of the Government of Uzbekistan and UNDP. Over the years of its activity CER has become the leading think tank in Uzbekistan and accumulated considerable and, to certain extent, unique capacities in socio-economic policy advice. Besides UNDP, CER has managed to establish strong and mutually beneficial relations with a number of TA agencies through implementation of joint research projects (World Bank, ADB, USAID, Europa House, DFID, Eurasia Foundation, JICA, TICA etc.).

Up to date, CER has prepared more than 250 policy papers and briefs on most challenging issues including, but not limited to Urbanization, Structural transformation, Green Economy, Alternative energy sources, Spatial Development, Transport and Transit, Food Security, Social protection and new Social Contract, Health reform and Human capital etc.

CER is highly respected among development partners in the region not just as a research outfit, but as a knowledge broker and an institution that promotes by various means participatory dialogue on key development challenges for Uzbekistan, Central Asian countries, and Middle Income Countries. The latter include both on-line and off-line instruments of interaction (blogging, social media, web-platforms). Economic Review is one of the most respectful monthly editions in Uzbekistan.

CER plays a unique role among other think tanks in Uzbekistan and generally in Central Asia. It is primarily engaged in cross-disciplinary/cross-sectoral policy research bringing together various dimensions of on-going transformational processes in the country and the region – economic, social, spatial and institutional. Most of its research products therefore are of upstream nature, looking at mid-to-long term development agenda.


The mission of the Center is to create an environment where new constructive ideas and concepts could be transferred into sound development policies that provide an open and meaningful dialogue and contributes to reaching nationwide consensus on development perspectives.


The ultimate goal of the Center is to provide support in policy making and effective implementation of policies aimed at achieving sustainable development meeting the interests of the Uzbek people. An effective policy is supposed to include the following components:

  • Adequate, relevant and timely policy advice;
  • Consensus at all levels (Government, private sector, civil society, etc.) on the need for and the core of a proposed policy;
  • Understanding and knowledge of policy implementation mechanisms largely among appropriate state agencies and government officials;
  • Upstream nature of research.

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