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The issue of almanac "Uzbekistan 2017".   This is a unique publication, which includes valuable information on the government structure, economy, regions, healthcare, education etc. 

Private sector is one of the core drivers of the economy and has the power to accelerate growth of employment and improvement of living standards. In fact, the Government of Uzbekistan emphasizes private sector development as a priority reform area. CER being significant player in this process has the ability to serve as a bridge between the Government and private sector and work towards achieving consensus on development perspectives.

Currently, CER is well-positioned to improve such communication, ensure that the interests and priorities of the private sector are reflected in respective policy decisions, and broaden the role of the private sector in policy formulation process.

Apart from its role as an advocate and a facilitator, CER being a credible source of independent expertise offers a wide array of services to the private sector, including sectoral studies, impact assessments, development strategies, market reviews, business-oriented publications and training programs.

CER is open for cooperation with the private sector and welcomes any suggestions on how to make this cooperation more effective and maximize mutual benefits.

Featured publications

  • Entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan as a basis for forming the middle class (2014)

    Entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan as a basis for forming the middle class

    The present status of entrepreneurship in Uzbek society is still far from meeting needed socio-economic criteria. Satisfying such criteria would enable business agents to make a positive developmental impact. Endeavours to support private business are linked to the current environment, which at the present time involves excessive regulation and a high non-production risk level. Together, these factors contribute to speculative business models and hinder intensive and qualitative development in the private sector.

  • Uzbekistan and international ratings. Why and how to improve its ranking positions? (2014)

    Uzbekistan and international ratings. Why and how to improve its ranking positions?

    Despite all the criticism addressed to various international ratings, one of their most important roles in the modern world is still as follows: to be a measure of success for countries in development. Ratings today extend to most facets of the state and society life affecting different aspects of human development, governance, business environment and other dimensions that shape conception of level of the country’s development and, ultimately, its attractiveness for foreign partners.

    Traditional indicators were replaced by international ratings, which are both a product of globalization and the instrument of its expansion. Very shortly they came to be the most applied tools for collation of countries and regions worldwide and are commonly recognized by investors, donors and governments in their decision-making. It is due to ratings availability they became an integral part of external positioning of many developed and developing countries.

    “Formation of competitive environment is a key factor of technical and technological renovation and modernization of production and access to world markets” said the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the meeting on the results of the socio-economic development of the country in 2013. This direction was set as a priority for 2014 and for the medium- and long term perspective.

CER could facilitate dialog between the private sector and the Government of Uzbekistan, by helping the business community to better articulate its position vis-à-vis the government, and the latter – to get a succinct first-hand assessment of the situation in the private sector.

From CER Strategy Formulation Mission report

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