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  • Business activity in Uzbekistan. January 2017.

Business activity in Uzbekistan. January 2017.


Business activity in Uzbekistan. January 2017.

In January 2017 index of business activity (IBA)calculated by the Center for Economic Research, comprised:

        ·         1269 points, compared to January 2015 (the beginning of the evaluation of IBA for the new methodology - is 1,000 Index in January 2015), and increased by 26.9%.

        ·         1166 points, as compared with January 2016 (16.6% growth).

        ·         974 points, compared with the level of business activity in December 2016.

Diagram 1. Index of business activity fell to 974 points  in January 2017

values above 1000 - increase in activity, below 1000 - a decrease of activity

IBA in January 2017 in relation to the previous month has changed under the influence of the following key components: the exchange component rose to 1.0707 points; component of trade marks rose to 1.1493; component on account transactions fell to 0.8393; component of operating economic entities fell to 0.9867.

Transactions on accounts component was 0.8393. The number of banking transactions on the accounts of legal entities in January 2017 amounted to 5485.56 thousand., which is a decrease of 1050.5 thousand of operations (less by 16.1%), compared to the level in December 2016. This figure is higher by 13.5% as against the same month of the previous year and by 26.0% compared with January 2015.

Diagram 2. Component on bills operations decreased compared to the previous month

In January 2017 the exchange component of business activity index was 1.07, which means that the component level rose by 0.07 points. The growth component is the consequence of the growth of the number of products sold in a single transaction. Average physical volume of raw materials for the sample of the goods purchased in a single exchange transaction, in January 2017 increased by 19.56% compared to the level in December 2016. 

Diagram 3. The exchange component has increased compared with all three periods: December 2016, January 2016 and January 2015

Component operating economic entities in January 2017 was 0.9867, which means lowering of the component by 1.33% compared to the previous month. Number of active business entities by the end of January 2017 amounted to 353,914 units (354,769 units in December 2016), which is 855 units less than in December 2017.

The number of economic entities reduced to 2245 units and small enterprises to 213,588 units. While the number of farms increased to 138,081 units.

  Diagram 4. A sinusoidal change in the number of enterprises remains (% the previous month)


Index of protected trademarks 
was 1.1493, which is an increase of 14.9%. In January 2017, 332 legal entities received various certificates for the registration of new, renewal and transfer of rights to existing trademarks. This is 11.0% more than in December of the previous year. 

Diagram 5. In January 2017, the net increase in the number of trade marks (new trademarks minus voided trademarks) amounted to 331 marks