The reception of the Head of the EU Delegation in Uzbekistan


The reception of the Head of the EU Delegation in Uzbekistan

On May 7, 2019, Director of the Center for Economic Research, Editor-in-Chief of the Economic Review magazine S.Nazarov held a conversation with the head of the EU Delegation in Uzbekistan Ambassador Eduards Stiprais in the CER building.

During the meeting, the Ambassador was acquainted with the activities of CER and the editorial staff of Economic Review magazine. In turn, the ambassador briefly spoke about the projects that the EU implements in Uzbekistan, in particular, related to the activities of the International Trade Center, which will assist Uzbekistan in joining the WTO, reforming public administration and decentralization in the regions to get more authority to address emerging issues on the ground and others.

During the meeting, the Ambassador noted that the European Commission planned to organize a study tour in the period June 16-21, 2019 in Brussels for a group of experts and journalists from Central Asian countries. In this regard, it was suggested that an employee of the CER, who specializes in the publication of materials on economic topics in the journal Economic Review, participated in this trip.

During a trip to Brussels for the group of journalists from the Central Asian countries, meetings will be organized in EU institutions, in particular the European Commission, the European Parliament and others, where they will be acquainted with their activities. In addition, a trip to Bishkek will be organized for this group of journalists from the Central Asian countries on July 4–8, 2019, where the next meeting of the EU-Central Ministerial meeting is scheduled.

The purpose of organizing the trip of journalists to Brussels is to provide them with opportunities to obtain information about the European Union and the activities of its institutions, to form a base of contacts, as well as to familiarize themselves with the available opportunities for professional search for information of interest on the EU.