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Organization of retail and wholesale trade in Uzbekistan: problems and solutions
May 2017 - October 2017

The sphere of trade acts as the final link in any production chain and the efficiency, volumes and speed of delivery of goods to consumers depend on the breadth and diversity of trade channels. Effective operation of this industry will reduce the transaction costs of producers and increase their competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.

Measures and mechanisms for effective use of the potential of livestock sector in Uzbekistan in order to optimize the structure of consumption patterns
May 2017 - August 2017

The purpose of this report is to analyze the current state and trends in livestock development in the country, identify existing problems in the process of production, processing and consumption of products of the industry

Preschool education as a factor of human development
February 2017 - June 2017

Ensuring the accessibility and increasing the coverage of children with preschool education by expanding the network of preschool educational institutions, radically improving the conditions in preschool educational institutions for comprehensive intellectual, aesthetic and physical development of children are considered among the key challenges of the development of education and science in the Strategy of Action for 2017- 2021 years.

Main areas for improvement of antimonopoly policy in terms of deepening of economic reforms
November 2016 - May 2017
The creation of a competitive environment is an essential condition for the development and deepening of market relations. Competition not only contributes to the efficient functioning of the market, but is also a natural regulator of various disproportions arising from economic activities.

The expansion of industrial cooperation to maximize the effects of the formation of value chains and acceleration of structural reforms in the economy
August 2016 - December 2016

In Uzbekistan, the target to stimulate industrial cooperation is carried out mainly in the framework of regularly received localization programs. The mechanism involves the implementation of import substitution and strengthening of the country's industrial potential through the development of local raw materials and expansion of cooperation between enterprises in the realization of localization projects.


Development of customized goals, targets and indicators on education SDGs
August 2016 - December 2016
The global goal of sustainable development (SDGs) №4 was defined as "Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting learning opportunities throughout life for all". Realization of this goal will ensure that all children receive free primary and secondary education in 2030.

Increasing the production and export potential of the fruit and vegetable sector: challenges and prospects
August 2016 - December 2016
Uzbekistan has the highest agricultural resource potential and produces more than 15 million tons of fruits and vegetables per year. High quality of Uzbek fruits and vegetables is well known: for example, the sugar content of Uzbek grape varieties reaches 30%, and dry matter content in tomatoes is than 5.5%, which is significantly  higher than many manufacturers of similar products. The produced amounts of fruits and vegetables allow to meet not only the needs of the population, but also to deliver high quality products to foreign markets.

Improving energy efficiency is an important factor of the economy competitiveness in Uzbekistan
August 2016 - December 2016
In order to achieve long-term economic growth, without putting the future generations to significant risks and deficit, it is necessary to radically transform the ways of use of energy resources in the country through a rapid transition to energy-efficient growth model.

Improving the methods of macroeconomic analysis and forecasting of labor market and wages
March 2016 - July 2016

Further development of E-government for increasing efficiency of public administration and business environment
March 2016 - July 2016


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