Almanac of Uzbekistan 2008

Almanac of Uzbekistan 2008

Publication year: 2008

Type: Almanac of Uzbekistan

Keywords: Statistical review

Center for Economic Research proudly presents a new product entitled “Almanac of Uzbekistan 2008”. The publication is available in Russian and Uzbek languages and provides comprehensive long-term development dynamics of Uzbekistan.

The product contains information on state structure, political, legislative and judicial system. It also reflects information on foreign political and economic relations, and social life of the country. The readers are offered detailed information on human development, i.e. number of the population, employment, incomes, education, morbidity, housing conditions, etc. In addition, the publication includes indicators depicting the situation in the regions and sectors of economy: industry, agriculture, construction, transport, services. The almanac is illustrated with diagrams, charts and tables.

The above product are intended for wide audiences and serve as a credible source of information for government officials, representatives of international organizations, private sector, NGOs, research community, academia and other interested parties.

The pocket version of the product is available in Uzbek and Russian languages.

If you want to purchase the publication, please, contact Mr. Sherzod Nasimov, Specilist on commercial issues , tel: +99871 1500202, fax: +99871 2814548, e-mail:

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