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  • Information-analytical review “Economy of Uzbekistan”

Information-analytical review “Economy of Uzbekistan”

Information-analytical review “Economy of Uzbekistan”

Publication year: 2008

Type: Review

Keywords: Alanytical review, statistics, Uzbekistan Economy

CER produces the information-analytical review “Economy of Uzbekistan” which describes the dynamics and trends of Uzbekistan’s economy. To date, the 2006 and 2007 editions have been published. The 2008 semi-annual and annual editions are at the stage of finalization. Starting from 2009 the review will be published on a quarterly basis.

The review is published in three languages, i.e. English, Russian and Uzbek. The product is developed in close cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, State Statistical Committee, and other government agencies. The publication is based on official statistical data.

The product contains the following thematic sections:

  • key macroeconomic indicators, i.e. economic growth, investment into the economy, prices and inflation, employment and situation on the labor market;
  • revenues and expenditures of the state budget, monetary policy of the Central Bank, banking sector, securities market and foreign exchange policy;
  • trends of foreign economic activity, export and import structure, analysis of activity of enterprises with foreign investment;
  • private sector development and market transformations, results of privatization program, dynamics of the real estate market and SME development;
  • trends and problems of industrial development, agrarian sector, consumer market and services sector;
  • regional development trends;
  • analysis of population’s incomes and expenses, implementation progress of the program on social protection and support to vulnerable population groups.

The annexes include the list of legislative acts adopted during the period under review as well as key economic events.
The publication is intended for wider audiences, including government officials, representatives of the private sector, research centers, international organizations, diplomatic missions, academia and other interested parties.

The publication is available in English, Uzbek and Russian languages. The price for Uzbek and Russian edition is UZS 20000, for English edition – UZS 30000; electronic version – USD 12 for Uzbek and Russian edition, USD 17 for English edition

The product can be purchased online or from the following bookstores: Book Land (34a, Taras Shevchenko Str.), Sharq Ziyokori (41, Buyuk Turon Str.). The products are also available via subscription option. Contact person: Mr. Sherzod Nasimov, Sales Manager, tel: +99871 1500202, fax: +99871 2814548, e-mail: sales@cer.uz

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