Institutional Transformation

In addition to providing wide analysis and recommendations in the monetary, fiscal and trade policy, CER notes that effective implementation of these recommendations is not possible without the appropriate governance mechanisms. In the framework of assisting in the development and implementation of institutional reforms in Uzbekistan and further modernization of the economy and society as a whole, the Center focuses on the following initiatives:

  • Promotion of administrative reform for decentralization of public administration system and increasing the efficiency of the state, forming an effective economic regulation system, based on market principles.
  • Assistance in the elaboration of the long-term vision and strategy of development of the national education system in order to create conditions to further improvement of the quality of human capital.
  • Improving the methodology of anti-corruption expertise of legal acts and to promotion of its wide implementation in practice by the government and authorities to create a favorable environment of development of private entrepreneurship.
  • Organization of discussions, as well as raising awareness of the partners and the public about the trends and the challenges of institutional transformations in Uzbekistan.


Market overview of energy-saving lamps in Uzbekistan
October 2010 - December 2010
The purpose of this review is to analyze demand and supply of energy saving lamps in Uzbekistan and identify trends and prospects in this market.
Online Tender Platform (DGMarket)
December 2006 - December 2010
The Project’s main goal is to create a transparent system for procurement goods and services for the needs of the Government, international organizations and foreign companies accredited in Uzbekistan, as well as to improve Uzbekistan’s procurement system in accordance with world standards via removing existing weaknesses and strengthening legislation basis.
Support to Reform Process in Uzbekistan (SRPU)
June 2005 - December 2011
The project furnishes the Government of Uzbekistan with a stream of policy analyses, recommendations, and blueprints produced by the Center for Economic Research.
Center for Economic and Social Studies (UZB/97/008)
January 1998 - May 2005
Technical assistance project with the key goal to support economic reforms in Uzbekistan through development of policy recommendations for Government on key issues of economic and social policies.