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Center for Economic Research ( proudly presents the latest publications that cover the full range of economic and social development issues in Uzbekistan. Our comprehensive collections of periodicals and magazines can be purchased online and are available in soft and hard copies.

"Economic Review" magazine

"Economic Review" is the leading business periodical in Uzbekistan since 1998. Monthly publications cover the latest issues and news in business as well as trends and development in the investment sector in Uzbekistan. The publication has gained solid reputation and high recognition among business people, international organizations, diplomats and government authorities. You can obtain a special subscription annually or purchase a copy of the periodical.

"Uzbekistan Almanac 2016"

"Uzbekistan Almanac 2016" is a statistical reference for important country statistics. The annual publication provides the most complete data on demographic situation, employment, education and others. Special focus is given to highlight the indicators, characterizing the regions and current developments of the major branches of the economy. The latest issue of "Uzbekistan Almanac 2016" is available in hardcopy version.

"Uzbekistan Economic Trends"

Quarterly-published review "Uzbekistan Economic Trends" is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, academics, professionals, and policymakers. The review examines the current trends, changes and developments in the economy of Uzbekistan during the year and provides detailed analysis of carried out reforms. "Uzbekistan Economy" gives comprehensive information on macro and micro indicators, business environment, foreign trade and financial sectors.

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